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Meet the Florence Dental Clinic Staff!



Carol Lowery

Carol is the clinic's Business Assistant and Insurance Clerk. She has been employed with Florence Dental Clinic since August 1992. Carol is a graduate of Hinds Community College Dental Assisting Program. She currently resides in Florence, MS.  Carol has two daughters, Lyndi Laird and Emily Sandridge.  She also has two granddaughters,  Avery and Kate Laird, one grandson, Andrew Sandridge.  Carol is an active member of First Baptist Church of Florence, MS.



Nancy Moses

Nanccy is one of the clinic's Dental Hygienists. She has been employed with Florence Dental Clinic since August 1996. Nancy received her degree in Dental Hygiene at the University of Mississippi Medical Center.  She currently resides in Terry, MS and is married to Walt Moses. Nancy is an active member of Countrywoods Baptist Church, Byram, MS.



Amanda McPhail

Amanda is one of the clinic's Dental Hygienists. She has been employed with Florence Dental Clinic since June 2003.  Amanda received her Associates Degree in Applied Science from Hinds Nursing Allied along with her certification in Dental Assisting Technology in 1999.  In 2002 she received her Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene from the University of Mississippi Medical Center. She currently resides in Brandon, MS.  Amanda is married to Bert McPhail and has two daughters, Pierson Maclain and Presley Miller.  She is an active member of Pinelake Church, Brandon, MS.




Beverly Blissett

Beverly is one of the clinic's Business Assistant and appointment clerk. She has been employed with Florence Dental Clinic since October 2012 coming with 15 years of dental administrative assistant experience. She currently resides in Florence, MS. Beverly is married to Boomer Blissett and has one daughter,  Amanda McPhail.  She also has two granddaughters, Pierson Maclain and Presley Miller.  She is an active member of Hickory Ridge Baptist Chruch, Florence, MS.



Stacy Mclendon

Stacy is one of the clinic's chair side Dental Assistants. She has been employed with Florence Dental Clinic since July 2013. Stacy currently resides in Florence, MS.  She is married to Bobby Tebo and has two childrenHunner and Brannon. Stacy is an active member of Hickory Ridge Baptist Church, Florence, MS.





129 Earl Clark Drive 

Florence, MS 39073

(601) 845-2386